KCM Summer Associate Program

KCM has a summer associate program:

Summer program alumni

Below is a list of past summer associates and their current positions:

Name School Currently
Daniel Taylor Harvard Numeric Investors
Masako Irie Harvard JPMorgan Chase
Emir Kamenica Harvard Assistant Professor of Economics, Chicago GSB
Kevin Bartz Cal Tech PhD Candidate, Harvard Dept. of Statistics
Raja Surapaneni MIT Metalmark Capital
Derek Yi Harvard Goldman Sachs
PK Nunoo Harvard Microsoft
Ivan Dong Harvard Citadel
Charles Duan Harvard Harvard Law School
Mee-Jung Jang Harvard Yale Law School
Kyle Campbell Williams Class of 2008
Daniel Gerlanc Williams Geode Capital
Arjun Narayan Williams Class of 2010
Aaron Schwartz Williams Class of 2009
Daniel Suo Harvard Class of 2010
Luyi Zhao Harvard Class of 2010
Alexei Colin Harvard Class of 2010
Sean Li Harvard Class of 2010
Ben Michel Harvard Class of 2010
David Phillips Williams Class of 2011
Ville Satopaa Williams Class of 2011
Hai Zhou Williams Class of 2011
Benny Zhu Harvard Class of 2011
Michael Suo Lexington High School Class of 2011

Projects of past years

Summer associates are typically required to take a course and submit a project involving statistics and R before arriving at KCM. Below are select class projects from past years.

Photos of past years

Pre-KCM, 2003
KCM offices, 2007
Red Sox outing, 2007
Boston Harbor cruise outing, 2008

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